anuther picture of karin maaka bat gif picture of karin maaka little bat flying even littler bat flying


eummmm originaly.. i planned on making the moomin shrine first. then i realized i know WAY MOR ABT CHIBI VAMPIRE than i do moomin,, AND my full chibi vampire dvd set just arrived in the mail...

how i got in2 it..
ths is a series i've known since elementary school. my sister originaly read it as a teen nd as a kid i'd always read em..after years of finding an buying the manga from half priced books but not in order..I FINALY GOT ALL OF EM... AND I READ ALL OF THEM IN ORDER FINALLY LAST YEAR.. AND ITS SO HARD TO WATCH THE ANIME, THEY DONT HAVE IT ON ANY REGULAR ANIME WEBSITES.IS SO HARD 2 WATCH IT WITHOUT HAVING BOOBS ALL OVER MY SCREEN..nawtt that im complaigning abt bewbs.. BUT IT KEPT OPENING SHIT so i tried finding dvds but it was sos o hard. then ALL OF A SUDDEN SOME GUY ON EBAY'S SAYIN HES SOLD 16 AND HAS 10 LEFT,, I THOUGHT I WUZ GONNA GET SCAMMED BUT I WAS DESPERATE.. so i bought em.. AND I DIDNT GET SCAMMED. im so hapy. it had 4 dvd's and im on the 15th episode on the 2nd disc. now i can finally figure out whut da hel happenz in the anime aafter watching clips on youtube..
chibi vampire is a manga made by yuno kagesaki..(moor liekk kagesucky) its actualy calld KARIN the chibi vampire.. but i alwayz jus cald it chibi vampir..
TEE BEE AICH.. IM JUST GONNA ADMIT,. IS NOT EVEN THAT GOOD OF A SSERIES. MY INTEREST IN KARIN THE CHIBI VAMPIRE IS REALLY NOSTALGIA DRIVEN but also.. i do like tha series, some parts of the story is nice, but ykno it wuz from early 2000s so iist alot of weird highschooler shet. IDC if a character has big boobs, cuz ykno boobs r boobs they should exist without beig sexualized. but ALLL THEY DO IS TALK ABT HOW GINOURMOS KARINS BOOBS R ITS RIDICULOUS.
thisss is my warning 2 u..
so anywayz karin is the main character, she is from a family of VAMPIRES.. but she is a WWIEERD VAMPIRE.

tee bee aich.i need to learn how 2 make shrines better. hold on.

things i think r TOTALLY COOL


I think the changes they made to classic vampire rules are super cool!!!hloldd on ill type more later.. uhh