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credist 2 ths person for ths super duper cool templat.e.. thank uuu!!!
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HI welcome to my website.!!!! I work on in in random bits of motivation. which is not what i have right now. I felt like making a neocities cuz it felt freeier than other places. Big fan of shrines. subpar at making them. UMM anyway enjoy my website. about me is out of date an i havent fixed it yet...
also a lot of places have auto music so i'd mute the browser now until i add better warnings.

STATUS: Working on a Chibi Vampire fanfic rite now :3 I rlly want to update/remake my entire chibi vampire shrine since that's my main fixation rn.....

11.28.2023 1:59 am ok i updated a lot of stuf,. my friend helped me with my chibi vampir shrine like 3 days ago. they forgot their apple pen cap. i need 2 give it back to them. but also the LOL button is now a BLOG button. and i wrote a page worths of words in there. its also very cute and has music. my friend also helped me with my ponytown shrine where i show off all da ponys i made in pony town... after they left, i tried to edit something and got frustrated and changed the flex box they made me into a very simple table. if ur reading this. i feel very guilty. sory i deledtd the work u did 4 me............ anyways...i made ths pissed off osmosis jones pictre and i dont wanna remove it so i'll have to incorporate that into my pony shrine or somthing. the ponyshrine is probaly da most BAD ASS part of my website...! the flaming horse. the flames. the . yeah. go look at it. hey you know that essay i mentioned nearly a month ago ? two updates down? yeah i still haven't turned that in and i have a D in the class. yeah. so. goodnight
11.6.2023 12:35 ami made a nudder flipping button. i think both my other buttons ar lame..IDK!! not lame..theyr cool..ig...kisses dem on da forehead.. but i made a new one. it has fruit. it has pink bubbles. it has a drawing of an alien on it. its cooler i think. ill probly wanna change it in a month again or sumting.!! USE IT! or dont.. if u like the fishy one.. im getting rid of teh other alien one. is doodoo. retracts forehead kiss. funfact: I still havent finishd my 6 page essay. it is late. i think i have a page and a half done. writing is hard. OH OALSO the LOL button is proabbly going to turn into a blog button. micro blog? i just say blog becaus i dont know if the entries will b short or lawng..who knows...
10.23.2023 but its 12:26 am changed main page again. it was too umm hideosg?? i liked it but it was just too much movement and it was making the site load slow. im supposed to be writing a 6 page essay rn. I havent even started the draft. kill me now.
10.10.23 but its 12:58 am changed.. the main page look.. if its hideos um!!! i cant ttell. i like it but also im super tired. i just wanted a more solid colr. but ill proably change it latr...
10.9.23 goodbye ronald mcdonald...
10.8.23fixed images on chibi vampir shrine! i plan on making my about me page lesss boring O,O!? but rn im toooo bizzay making chibi vampire anime edits and stamps sooo....
8.12.23 DUDE idk how u guys make stamps. i just tried to make a gif stamp and it was the hardest thing in the FREAKING WORLD. ill put it in websites i think r cool. ill also prolly rename it to buttons (and stamps !?) maybe ill just put the stamps on the main index here. and if i make more ill make a marquee thing or WATEVER...! edit: now that i kno how 2 make ths its SOOOO FUN. i made lik 7.
8.7.23 moved this text box to the middle of the screen, it used to be underneath the buttons.. not anymore.. im getting started on my tf2 WAR shrine now...i also just noticed a lot of the images i have on here arent working :o( specifically the marquees on here.
8.6.23 I UPDATED SO MUCH LAST NIGHT AND FORGOT TO TYPE HERE. i updated a lot recently and forgot to type here! :( myy byadd. anyways all the buttons above should work EXCEPT for the LOL button,, idk what that one's for... i added a BUNCH to the chibi vampire shrine. and added all my followrs/people i follow back's buttons on the websites i like's area !!! felt guilty abt not having one of those. now i have one. and i can work on WATEVER I WANT NOW HOHOHO...gonna make a boots n bombs(demoman x soldier tf2) shrine. because they make me upset.
7.27.23 unmotivated as ever.!! but i rly am trying 2 push thru rite now. kind of wishing i didnt make my user pipichez but WATEVER. i will prevail. the art and creashons button/link works again. and im gonna make a sources one rly quick n lazy before i go to sleep hopefully. edit it is MADE i am sleeping now. my eyes burn.
2.28.23 i typed alott in the about me section,.ohohoo
2.23.23 but only 3 hours aftr the last update i ddid alot 2nite.. i learned pictures n stuff, AND i made my chibi vampire shrine..still in progress but a lot farther than the moomin one. ill make links in the shrines section at some point.. but im tireed... its 1:18 in tge AMz... gudnite,,!
2.22.23i figrued oyt how to put images in exact positions..so now i have more decoration..
2.21.23 made an aboutt me page.. in progres... everythins slow making now cuz im a busy bee.....:'(
2.12.23 havent updated anythin in a bit...i wuz very busy with my sisters wedding...now she has a difrent last name man...
N E wayz.. i want 2 work on the site..i am a very busy thing but i am planning on making my about me maybe...
feb 7 but 2 seconds later I FINALLY GOT THE LINK TEXTS TO STOP BEING BRIGHT PINK.. now theyr bleww!!!
feb.7.23 this isnt long after the last one cuz its 12;55 am..BUT!! i have started on my moomin shrine and the shrines button DOES work.. i cant figure out how the hel 2 do flippingg autoplay music... im so exited my fav parts of neocities websites r peoples shrines huhuuh.. i didnt even make my about me yet ths moomin is the most important part..
feb.6.23 started on the shrines page before anything else.. i nnneeed to make a moomin shrine.. its more inportant than talking about myself..also i learnd how to make the boxes uhh border ridge style or watever:3
feb.4.23 hepl i dont kno how 2 make the text not pink...
feb 3 2023: hiii I'm going 2 mark my progres with adding changes in da website heree. I started makig this website on jan 7 2023. i jus deleted a lot of stuf 2 uhh use a templat..so it lewks cool neow.... need to learn how to make other stuf look cool...