about me..!
art..maybe. things i make
sources n websites i like
2.28.23 i typed alott in the about me section,.ohohoo
2.23.23 but only 3 hours aftr the last update i ddid alot 2nite.. i learned pictures n stuff, AND i made my chibi vampire shrine..still in progress but a lot farther than the moomin one. ill make links in the shrines section at some point.. but im tireed... its 1:18 in tge AMz... gudnite,,!
2.22.23i figrued oyt how to put images in exact positions..so now i have more decoration..
2.21.23 made an aboutt me page.. in progres... everythins slow making now cuz im a busy bee.....:'(
2.12.23 havent updated anythin in a bit...i wuz very busy with my sisters wedding...now she has a difrent last name man...
N E wayz.. i want 2 work on the site..i am a very busy thing but i am planning on making my about me maybe...
feb 7 but 2 seconds later I FINALLY GOT THE LINK TEXTS TO STOP BEING BRIGHT PINK.. now theyr bleww!!!
feb.7.23 this isnt long after the last one cuz its 12;55 am..BUT!! i have started on my moomin shrine and the shrines button DOES work.. i cant figure out how the hel 2 do flippingg autoplay music... im so exited my fav parts of neocities websites r peoples shrines huhuuh.. i didnt even make my about me yet ths moomin is the most important part..
feb.6.23 started on the shrines page before anything else.. i nnneeed to make a moomin shrine.. its more inportant than talking about myself..also i learnd how to make the boxes uhh border ridge style or watever:3
feb.4.23 hepl i dont kno how 2 make the text not pink...
feb 3 2023: hiii I'm going 2 mark my progres with adding changes in da website heree. I started makig this website on jan 7 2023. i jus deleted a lot of stuf 2 uhh use a templat..so it lewks cool neow.... need to learn how to make other stuf look cool...

i just made ths button 4 my website...!coool

credist 2 ths person for ths super duper cool templat.e.. thank uuu!!!

click me!



BUGERRRR clickk the burger image above... LUL

HII im pepi.....this is my website....